When you want the property for rent like home or office or factory, it is important that you sign a rent agreement with the property owner. The rent agreement is the legal document that lists all the terms and conditions for renting of the property and must be signed by both the parties, the property owner and occupant.

However, the procedure seems very simple, but it is not and that is where B'Kumar & Co comes into the picture. We are here to help you out by all possible means and we have successfully assisted occupants and property owners to complete the legal rent agreements that protect their interests.


Also, if you are a property owner and want to lease your property, we will assist you in a right manner. From finding occupants to drafting a rent agreement, we will help you out in all possible manners to make the whole process smooth and flawless.

All you need to do is to hire us and we will start catering right personalized rent agreement procedure for you.

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